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Priorities for Santa Rosa

While there's a lot to do for our recovery, Victoria is starting with the challenges she knows best. As a homeowner and advocate for more affordable housing, she supports the housing bond. As a licensed clinical social worker who has served homeless people for the past decade, she's an expert in the causes and long term solutions to homelessness. As someone who's started her own small business and programs inside nonprofits, she wants local government to support the entrepreneurial spirit and a skilled workforce that will benefit all residents. Finally, as mother to her daughter Evie, she's committed to sustaining our environment for generations to come. Read below for her positions.


New Housing:

I stand with environmental leaders and the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce supporting Measure N – Santa Rosa's Recovery and Affordable Housing Bond. If this bond passes, the City of Santa Rosa has the ability to maximize financial leverage with matching State, Federal and foundation funds. Passage of this bond is an opportunity to add long-term economic stability for families and businesses, which will help retain and develop skilled labor for local businesses and the creation of higher paying jobs. I support this opportunity to help with fire recovery and create new housing affordable to our workforce, creating a sustainable economy and healthier community, surrounded by greenbelts and open spaces that we can all enjoy.


Leading on Homelessness:

It is essential that we modernize our homeless services. As the first City Councilmember in Santa Rosa history with direct clinical experience working with homelessness, I understand that although the causes of homelessness can vary, it is often rooted in Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s). Moving forward it is essential to reduce traumatic childhood experiences by increasing stability and standards of living for children. Examples of ACE’s to avoid include: housing and food insecurity, economic instability, challenges in accessing healthcare and education, and abuse and neglect. Working cooperatively with the County, nonprofit organizations, and our homeless population, I will take a leadership role in addressing both the long term causes and immediate responses to homelessness which balance the needs of everyone in our community.


Economic Development:

I will make it a priority to work with our community to support existing small businesses, new business starts, and workforce development, particularly in the skilled trades. With better investments in infrastructure, public/private partnerships and regulatory streamlining, Santa Rosa can create new opportunities for existing and new businesses that will thrive in our local economy. As a mother, I know that increasing affordable childcare and training for parents will assist our business community by increasing workforce availability.


For a Sustainable Environment for Generations to Come:

Natural resources and ecosystems don’t adhere to city boundaries. I believe that all natural resources in and around Santa Rosa must be protected, restored and maintained so that we and future generations have a healthy place to call home. The City should be working hand-in-glove with County and Regional agencies (Sonoma Water, Regional Parks, and other municipalities), as well environmental groups and nonprofits (Sierra Club, Sonoma County Conservation Action, LandPaths, Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation, Greenbelt Alliance, California Native Plant Society, Sonoma County Regional Parks Foundation, and others) as well as partnering with our schools to achieve our common goals.

I will provide strong leadership to protect our environment. Some areas that I'll focus on include: strengthening climate action planning and GHG reductions, improving our water conservation infrastructure, producing affordable housing that respects urban growth boundaries and community separators, protecting natural resources and wildlife corridors, and investing in parks and open spaces for future generations to enjoy too.



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